BODY BY DESIGN - Celluderm®  Technology
  About Us & Treatment Cost
Mari Jo Medeiros and Body by Design's goal is to help you look and feel your best.  I have been trained to provide the best service possible.  Celluderm ® Technology is safe, natural and very effective. 
Mari Jo has been providing these treatments to clients since 2007 and strives to provide excellent results and client satisfaction.
 About Celluderm® Technology
* Reduces Cellulite, Congestion&Fat
* Lose Inches
* Eliminates Toxins
 * Enhances skin elasticity
*  Lymphatic Cleansing/Drainage
*  Reshapes the Body
*  Stimulates and Improves Immune & Lymphatic Systems 
 *  Stimulates the production  of lymph & accelerates metabolism
 *   Treats lymphedema
 *  Relieves muscular pain
 *  Reduces water retention

                  Body by Design          
                  Treatment Cost
           Single Treatment       $75
           10 Treatment Pkg     $ 695



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