BODY BY DESIGN - Celluderm®  Technology
The Celluderm  Technology Treatments progressively wears down congestion by using an innovative system. Combining heat, vacuum suction and a 24-hour fat-free diet, this system produces impressive results.
Applying heat causes lipolysis in the adipose tissues by rendering the cell membranes more permeable and allowing stored fat to be released, which decreases fat chambers and increases circulation. When suction is applied, fat molecules are then pulled across the cell membrane and released into the surrounding lymph fluid to be metabolized by the liver. This reduces the size of the fat cells and smoothes out the appearance of buckled and warped fat under the skin. It also increases the lymph flow and releases toxins from the fat cells into the lymphatic system.
It is best to do treatments twice a week.  This will discourage the cellulite from settling once it has been loosened up during the treatment.  However, once a week is sufficient.  We recommend starting with ten (10) treatments to see significant results.  These treatments yield visible and measurable results.
The term cellulite is used to describe a cosmetic defect that is cause for great distress among millions of women all over the world.
Cellulite consists of pockets of fat deposits characterized by a dimply, ‘orange peel’ appearance. Its enlarged fat cells cause the connective tissue to become weak, compressed and hardened. Regular diet and exercise programs are often not enough to dislodge these stubborn pockets.  Cellulite is a fat deposit the body cannot utilize as a source of fuel which is why it is so difficult to lose.
There are many reasons cellulite starts to form: genetics, birth control pills, pregnancy, excessive intake of dairy products, poor digestion or circulation, constipation, fatigue, slow metabolism, or prolonged stress or anxiety.
Cellulite is usually accompanied by fluid retention, swelling, fatigue and poor circulation. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not directly related to obesity; even slender, athletic women can suffer from cellulite.
How do the treatments work?
Our external, non-invasive cellulite treatments will significantly improve the skin’s appearance. They work through a combination of heat and vacuum suction; the heat application softens the cell membrane. The suction breaks up the fats and pulls them, along with the toxins, through the softened cell membrane into the lymph and guides it all towards the lymph nodes and into the bloodstream to be metabolized by the liver.  The treatments work as a pump for the lymphatic system.
How often do I have to do the treatments?
It is best to do the treatments twice a week. This will discourage the cellulite from settling once it has been loosened up during the treatment. However, once a week is sufficient. Any less will affect the results in a negative way. The average inch loss in 10 consecutive treatments is between 6-19 inches overall.
How much weight will I lose?
The weight loss after each treatment is approximately two ounces. The best result is when the fat-free diet is followed for 24 hours following the treatment. Following the diet is extremely important to seeing results. A two- to three-pound loss in the troubled area can occur in as little as a month.
Will cellulite come back?
The treatments can reduce cellulite by 85-90%. The results are long-lasting as long as our recommendations for a healthy lifestyle are followed: maintain good eating habits and exercise regularly.
Why did I get cellulite?
The causes are many – heredity, the birth control pill, pregnancy, excessive dairy products, poor digestion, constipation, fatigue, slow metabolism, poor circulation, and prolonged stress and anxiety. Once embedded, cellulite perpetuates itself through a vicious cycle: the more the surrounding tissues buckle and constrict, the more the fats cells enlarge and create pressure on the connective tissue.


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