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Celluderm® Technology
       * FDA Approved *
Celluderm® Technology  is a holistic and non-invasive alternative to other Cellulite and Fat Reduction treatments.  These treatments are for both women and men.
Celluderm® Technology  is a biological drainage apparatus designed to stimulate and improve lymphatic drainage using heat and vacuum-suction. The vacuum-suction activates the lymphatic system, reduces the size of fat cells and drains excess fluid and toxins from the body.  Celluderm® has shown to improve medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, lymphadema and diabetes.
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Celluderm® Technology  on its own is a highly effective method of stimulating the lymphatic system and reducing fat and cellulite. This will only work if you drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and eat fat-free for 24 hours following each treatment
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It is an inexpensive therapy that reduces congestion, the appearance of cellulite, and compliments many lipo treatments. The results are astonishing.
It improves skin tone and contours the body, strengthens connective tissue and releases fat stored in the subcutaneous layer of the body.
Clients see a reduction in circumference of the treated area, improvement in skin contour irregularities, and a smooth appearance of the skin’s surface.


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